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Benjamin Paap

Web Developer

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Code Lover

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Wannabe Guitarist


Nordish by nature

About Me

I'm a Web Developer based in northern Germany with 20+ years of experience in development.

What started to be a hobby in my childhood turned to be a passion for the rest of my life. Coding is still my hobby, but now also my job.

Professionally I started developing desktop applications and after nearly 10 years I turned to web development which I am loyal to this day. Mostly developing in PHP but I'm pretty familiar with other web techniques, too.

Every year in October I try to be a successful participant in the awesome Hacktoberfest by Digital Ocean and GitHub.

But there's other stuff like work and the need of earning money. Having a strong family completed by lovely friends in the back is key to every success. Thanks for supporting me in this journey so far.

My Projects

Here's a list of projects I started or contributed to:

  • BikeM8 - iOS and Android App

    Personally I try to get everywhere on my bike. So I made a little app with which I can track my rides and show everyone the saved CO2, by taking my bike instead of our car.

  • Notifications

    A small library to send notifications to different providers.

  • APISandboxBundle

    A Symfony bundle to get a working sandbox for REST API's.


    I'm a maintainer of this PHP library to generate SEPA XML files.

  • Holiday

    I'm a maintainer of this PHP library to compute holidays in different countries.